This MP514K gun is for anyone looking for something a little different. Made in Russia by Baikal the MP-514K is a compact bullpup configuration spring-piston air rifle. The barrel sits above the piston assembly and is hinged at the rear of the buttstock. It is cocked by unlatching the barrel and pulling it up and back - basically an over-lever design. Features include an auto-safety, a black synthetic stock with adjustable butt length, a builtin weaver style rail, supplied with a single shot magazine loader and an 8 shot pellet magazine. The MP-514K from Baikal is extremely accurate but you would need to fit a scope to justify this guns long range accuracy. This gun is fitted standard with a picatiny rail which enhances the military look and withstands the shock of a spring powered air rifle. Velocity at 527 FPS is enough to permanently damage birds and small animals, with the ability to shoot bb’s and pellets makes this rifle unique.