Introducing Dongxin Magnesium Co., Ltd., the driving force behind the fiery deer brand. An emblem of excellence in the world of hunting aids. Established in April 2006 and situated in the bustling hub of Cixi City, Zhejiang province. Their sprawling factory spans over 4000 square meters. It serves as the birthplace of innovation as well as quality craftsmanship.

At the heart of their operation lies the Fiery Deer. They are a symbol of unwavering commitment to quality, service, and integrity. With a rich history steeped in dedication as well as innovation, Dongxin Magnesium Co., Ltd. has earned not only the trust but also the admiration of both new and seasoned customers alike.

Their product lineup, adorned with the fiery deer insignia, represents the epitome of excellence in the hunting aids industry. From meticulously crafted hunting stands to an extensive array of weapon aids. These weapon aids include shooting tripods, two-legged stands, single-legged stands, and gun-mounted heads. Each item bears the unmistakable mark of superior craftsmanship as well as innovation.

Their offerings stand as a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection. they are driven by our unwavering commitment to not only customer satisfaction but also excellence.

At Dongxin Magnesium Co., Ltd., service is more than just a promise—it’s a way of life. Behind the fiery deer brand lies a team of seasoned professionals. Together, they stand united in their mission to deliver unparalleled quality and also service to customers worldwide.

As they embark on the journey ahead, Dongxin Magnesium Co., Ltd. remains steadfast in their commitment to excellence as well as innovation. With the fiery deer brand leading the charge, they eagerly anticipate the challenges and also opportunities that lie ahead. They are confident in their ability to not only exceed expectations but also redefine industry standards.

Join them on their quest for excellence and experience the fiery deer brand difference firsthand.

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  • Fiery Deer Bipod Shooting Stick - 165cm

    Fiery Deer Bipod Shooting Stick – 165cm


    Adjustable to desired height


    Stronger, lighter 7075 aluminum legs for easy carry

  • Fiery Deer Bipod Shooting Stick - 105cm

    Fiery Deer Bipod Shooting Stick – 105cm


    The Fiery Deer Bipod Shooting Stick – 105cm serves as a reliable support system for shooting endeavors, primarily tailored for hunters while also catering to photographers and outdoor enthusiasts with its universal thread compatibility. Its lightweight construction ensures effortless portability, even in rugged wilderness environments. Constructed from robust 7075 metal alloy, the legs offer durability…

  • Fiery Deer 180cm Bipod Shooting Stick

    Fiery Deer 180cm Bipod Shooting Stick


    The Fiery Deer 180cm Bipod Shooting Stick is a versatile and reliable accessory designed to provide essential support for shooting, photography, and outdoor activities. Primarily tailored for hunters, its universal thread makes it suitable for photographers and tourists alike. Portability is a key feature, allowing easy transport even in rugged wilderness environments due to its…