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  • Flextone FLX100 Remote E-CallFlextone FLX100 Remote E-Call

    Flextone FLX100 Remote E-Call


    Flextone FLX100 Remote E-Call No need to drag around a pack full of calls; the┬áFlextone FLX100 Remote E-Call┬áputs 100 loud, lifelike animal sounds in your hands. The multi directional speaker system can be operated manually or with an easy-view LCD remote at distances up to 100 yards. This gives you the freedom to plan your…

  • Flextone FLX50 Handheld E-CallFlextone FLX50 Handheld E-Call

    Flextone FLX50 Handheld E-Call


    Flextone FLX50 Handheld E-Call Bring a professional sound library of high-quality game calls wherever you go with the┬áFlextone FLX50 Handheld E-Call. This easy-to-use handheld E-call features an ergonomic grip for a solid hold. Simply press the trigger to send one of 50 different calls from the 5-watt speaker with impressive volume. They’ll be heading your…