Fox Knives is an Italian brand with a distinguished legacy in the world of cutlery and edged tools. Established in 1977 in Maniago, Italy, a region renowned for its rich tradition of knife making, they have earned a stellar reputation for crafting high-quality knives that blend craftsmanship, innovation, and modern technology.

One of Fox Knives’ defining characteristics is its commitment to utilizing premium materials. Their blades are crafted from top-quality stainless steels, such as N690Co and Bohler M390, which offer exceptional sharpness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. This attention to material selection ensures that their products are not only functional but also long-lasting.

Fox Knives boasts a diverse catalog of knife styles, catering to a wide range of users, from outdoor enthusiasts and hunters to tactical professionals and everyday carry aficionados. Their innovative designs and collaborations with renowned knife makers result in a varied selection of folding knives, fixed-blade knives, multi-tools, and accessories.

One of Fox Knives’ notable innovations is their proprietary “Rolling Bearing System” (RBS) pivot mechanism, which allows for incredibly smooth and rapid blade deployment, setting their folding knives apart in terms of ease of use and reliability.

Beyond their cutting tools, they offer a range of outdoor gear and accessories, including survival kits and camping equipment, further cementing their reputation as a comprehensive supplier for outdoor enthusiasts.

Fox Knives’ commitment to quality control is evident in their rigorous testing and inspection processes, ensuring that every knife they produce meets exacting standards for performance and durability.

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