Norica was founded in 1917 in Eibar, Spain. Thei are a renowned manufacturer of airguns, air rifles, and also air pistols. The company has a century-long legacy of producing top-quality firearms. Norica is well-known for its commitment to merging traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

Norica’s product range primarily focuses on airguns designed for various purposes. These purposes includes target shooting, plinking, pest control, and recreational shooting. The company offers a diverse selection of airgun models. They catering to both novice and experienced shooters.

What sets Norica apart is its dedication to quality and also performance. Their airguns are celebrated for their precision, power, and resilience. This makes them a popular choice among airgun enthusiasts worldwide.

In addition to its deep-rooted tradition in craftsmanship, Norica has embraced modern manufacturing techniques and technology to enhance the performance and features of its airguns.

With a global presence, Norica’s products are distributed and well-regarded by airgun enthusiasts around the world. The company’s headquarters remain in Eibar, Spain, a town steeped in the history of firearm manufacturing. It has greatly contributed to Norica’s expertise and heritage in the industry.

Norica’s enduring commitment to quality as well as performance has established it as a respected name in the realm of airguns and air rifles. Whether for competitive shooting, hunting, or recreational use, Norica continues to provide a wide array of airgun options. All while upholding its century-old tradition and also the essence of Eibarrese craftsmanship.

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  • Norica Spider GRS Air Rifle

    Norica Spider GRS Air Rifle 4.5MM


    Spider Grs Air Rifle The Norica Spider Grs Air Rifle comes in two calibers, the 4.5mm (.177). All the power of our GRS (Gas Ram System) in a modern ambidextrous shockproof fiber black stock. The muzzle is ergonomically designed to facilitate arming and thus prolong your shooting sessions. World-wide known for its power, Spider Air…

  • Omnia ZRS Air Rifle

    Norica Omnia ZRS 5.5mm Air Rifle



  • Black Eagle Air Rifle

    Norica Black Eagle 5.5mm Air Rifle


    Black Eagle Air Rifle The Black Eagle Air Rifle is possibly our most refined rifle. The black-stained beech stock stands out, as well as the bite of the natural colour of the wood. It delivers high power thanks to its German steel spring. A perfect balance and the adjustable 2-step NATS trigger facilitate maximum precision….

  • Dead Eye Grs

    Norica Dead Eye Rifle 4.5mm GRS


    Norica Dead Eye Rifle 4.5mm GRS Norica Dead Eye Rifle 4.5mm GRS New air rifle from Norica, the Norica Dead Eye GRS, with a remarkable tactical anti-shock stock. Includes the GRS – gas piston and the new RAS system (Recoil Absorption System), a mechanism that absorps a great part of the recoil when shooting, builted-in…

  • Norica Dragon Air Rifle

    Norica Dragon 5.5mm Air Rifle


    DESCRIPTION The Norica Dragon Air Rifle in 5.5mm caliber is a powerful and versatile air rifle. The design aims to deliver a significant amount of energy in joules. This makes it suitable for various shooting applications. Known for its high velocity and affordability, this best-selling air rifle from Norica has earned its reputation. With a…




    NORICA TITAN AIR RIFLE – 4.5MM The NORICA TITAN AIR RIFLE in 4.5mm caliber is an excellent entry point for individuals looking to explore the world of shooting. It’s designed with a focus on versatility. It offers moderate power and accuracy, making it well-suited for beginners, particularly young shooters. The carbine’s anti-shock ambidextrous fiber stock…