NumAxes was established over 20 years ago. They design and market high-tech accessories for pets.

In 2015, NUM’AXES expanded its product line to include outdoor equipment such as trail cameras, a night vision monocular, a laser rangefinder, and binoculars.

The company collaborates with experts in cat and dog behavior to develop new products. This ensures pet owners’ satisfaction and promote pets’ well-being and safety.

A well-trained pet brings happiness to its owner and fits seamlessly into daily life. Pet owners have a duty to train and respect their pets, fostering the best relationships.

NumAxes creates user-friendly, advanced devices to ensure pet safety at all times. In 2010, NUM’AXES acquired EYENIMAL, a young start-up, to expand its product range and open new sales channels. In 2014, EYENIMAL INC was established in New York to maintain close communication with North American customers.

Their range of trail cameras, rangefinders, binoculars, and monoculars are all outstanding quality and represent the brand’s quality and care.

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