In earlier days, blades for razors, pocket knives, shears, hunting knives, and swords were sharpened using natural sharpening stones and hydraulic water power.

Puma introduced a new policy: focusing on quality hunting, fishing, and outdoor knives instead of household knives. In collaboration with both German and international hunting experts, they developed knives renowned for their practicality and global reputation.

For hunters, a reliable hunting knife is as essential as a good rifle and field glasses. PUMA’s product range has continually expanded, with knives crafted to reflect current trends and selected based on their specific purposes. The design of each knife is also a key consideration.

The brand offers these knives and accessories amongst others: Fixed hunting knives, sheath knives, trekking knives, hunting folders, sporting folders, outdoor knives, folding knives, and fishing knives, collector’s knives, accessories, sheaths, and pouches.

Additionally, Puma’s product line includes essential accessories such as metal polish, sharpening steel, oil, and sharpening stones.

Puma offers a knife for everyone, from trusty every day knives to collector’s and luxury knives.

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