Steiner’s legacy of exceptional performance and unwavering determination emerged from the aftermath of war. In 1947, Karl Steiner embarked on a solitary venture in Bayreuth, Germany, amidst the ruins and challenges of a post-war era. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to creating optical products of unparalleled functionality, durability, and uniform perfection, Steiner set out to defy the chaos of mass production.

From its humble beginnings as a one-man workshop, Steiner-Optik rapidly evolved into a 50-man factory within six years. The brand soon became a global optical icon, celebrated for its binoculars and rifle scopes catering to diverse purposes. Steiner’s history is one of relentless innovation, earning the admiration of enthusiasts across various fields.

These premium German optics, born from a passion for perfection, have found their way into 65 countries. Steiner’s products are cherished by sportsmen, birders, mariners, aviators, explorers, and are trusted by security and military forces worldwide. The research, development, and production facility in Bayreuth stand as a testament to Steiner’s commitment to excellence.

Steiner’s world-class lenses, coatings, and prisms undergo a meticulous production, inspection, testing, and approval process. With lenses alone undergoing 460 exacting steps, Steiner ensures that each optic meets the highest standards. The result is a viewing experience that is reliable, accurate, and unmatched in its category.

Steiner’s list of innovations includes the groundbreaking Makrolon® housing, nitrogen-charged fogproofing, military laser protection filter, Nano-Protection® lenses, and cutting-edge coating technologies. Steiner continues to lead in optoelectronics, introducing the first integrated international-grade digital compass binocular and the integrated binocular/laser rangefinder. Steiner’s unwavering pursuit of excellence defines its place as a pioneer in the world of optics.

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