Celestron Prepared Slides 25 Piece Set


  • Prepared slides for hours of enjoyment and discovery.
  • 25mm x 76mm glass slides
  • Packed in a wooden box.

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The Celestron Prepared Slides 25 Piece Set, conveniently packaged in a case, is the perfect complement to the Celestron microscope range. Offering a diverse array of specimens suitable for examination or demonstration under microscopes, these collections are ideal for enthusiasts and educators alike.

This set comprises 25 slides, with no predetermined selection. Instead, the composition varies depending on when the slides were produced, with certain specimens only available seasonally. Additionally, the cover slips included are standard #1.5 (or #1-1/2), with a thickness of 0.17mm.

Paired with most Celestron microscopes, these slides unlock endless learning opportunities and provide hours of engaging fun and research. With the renowned quality assurance characteristic of any Celestron product, the microscope slides are sure to impress both novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

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Sample Listing of the 25 Slides:

  1. Three types of Bacteria
  2. Penicillium, w.m.
  3. Aspergillus, w.m.
  4. Rhizopus Sporangia, w.m.
  5. Actinomyces, w.m.
  6. Chlamydomonas, w.m.
  7. Diatoms, w.m.
  8. Closterium, w.m.
  9. Spirogyra, w.m.
  10. Spirogyra Conjugation, w.m.
  11. Lichenrons Ox
  12. Fern Leaf
  13. Fern Prothallium, w.m.
  14. Fern Prothallium with Young
  15. Leiden Stem, c.s.
  16. Leiden Leaf, c.s.
  17. Pine Leaf, c.s.
  18. Pinus Male Strobile, l.s.
  19. Pinus Female Strobile, l.s.
  20. Rubber Leaf
  21. Corn Root Tip, l.s.
  22. Vicia Faba Young Root, c.s.
  23. Corn Stem, c.s.
  24. Corn Stem, l.s.
  25. Cucurbits Stem, c.s.
  26. Cucurbits Stem, l.s.
  27. Helianthus Stem, c.s.
  28. Moss Antheridia, l.s.
  29. Moss Archegonia, l.s.
  30. Moss Protonemata, w.m.
  31. Basswood Stem, c.s.
  32. Basswood Stem, l.s.
  33. Pelargonium Stem, c.s.
  34. Vicia Dicot Leaf, w.m.
  35. Pollen Germination, w.m.
  36. Pollen, w.m.
  37. Tomato Fruit
  38. Cymbidium Aerial Root, c.s.
  39. Mitosis Onion Root Tip Cells
  40. Corn Seed with Endosperm, l.s.
  41. Plasmodesma
  42. Lily Ovary, c.s.
  43. Lily Anther, c.s.
  44. Lily Leaf, c.s.
  45. Capsella Old Embryo
  46. Capsella Young Embryo
  47. Allium Seale Epidermis, w.m.
  48. Eug Lena, w.m.
  49. Paramecium, w.m.
  50. Hydra, w.m.
  51. Hydra, l.s.
  52. Plarania, c.s.
  53. Schistosoma Male, w.m.
  54. Schistosoma Female, w.m.
  55. Ascaris Egg.W.M
  56. Earthworm, c.s.
  57. Snake Skin, c.s.
  58. Daphni Sp, w.m.
  59. Culex Mosquito Larvo, w.m.
  60. Mosquito Female Mouth, w.m.
  61. Honey Bee Mouth Parts, w.m.
  62. Honey Bee Hind Leg, w.m.
  63. Butterfly Mouth Parts, w.m.
  64. Musca Mouth Parts, w.m.
  65. Grasshopper Mouth Parts, w.m.
  66. Ant, w.m.
  67. Fish Scale, w.m.
  68. Honey Bee Compound Eye, w.m.
  69. Grasshopper Trachea, w.m.
  70. Clam Gill, c.s.
  71. Human Blood Smear
  72. Fish Blood Smear
  73. Ciliated Epithelium
  74. Simple Flat Epthelium, w.m.
  75. Stratified Flat Epithelium, w.m.
  76. Mitosis Horse Ascaris Eggs
  77. Small Intestine, c.s.
  78. Dense Bone
  79. Dog Tendon
  80. Loose Connective Tissue, w.m.
  81. Skeletal Muscle, l.s., c.s.
  82. Cardiac Muscle,
  83. Spinal Cord, c.s.
  84. Motor Neurous, w.m.
  85. Rabbit Motor Nerve Endmost, w.m.
  86. Lungs
  87. Stomach
  88. Liver
  89. Lymph Node
  90. Rat Lung – Blood Vessels Injected
  91. Rat Kidney -Blood Vessels Injected
  92. Rat Kindey
  93. Testis
  94. Cat Ovary
  95. Human Squamous Epithelium Smear
  96. DNA, RNA
  97. Mitochondria
  98. Frog Egg
  99. Human Chromosome- Male
  100. Human Chromosome – Female



For decades, Celestron has pioneered the optics industry, consistently innovating and introducing cutting-edge products featuring revolutionary technologies. Established in the 20th century, the company quickly gained prominence under Tom Johnson, who introduced the C8 telescope, revolutionizing astronomy and setting a new standard for optical performance. Over the years, Celestron has expanded its range to cater to a diverse audience. From telescopes and binoculars to spotting scopes and microscopes, they offer a lineup of instruments designed to inspire exploration and discovery. Each product is crafted with precision and incorporates state-of-the-art technologies. One of Celestron's strengths lies in its commitment to innovation. The company consistently invests in research and development, pushing the boundaries of optical technology. Their products lead the way in technological advancement, solidifying their reputation as an industry leader. Moreover, Celestron actively fosters a community of enthusiasts and supports astronomers and nature lovers worldwide. Through initiatives, programs, and partnerships, Celestron strives to inspire curiosity and promote STEM education. By empowering individuals to explore the wonders of the universe and the natural world, Celestron continues to make a lasting impact on the global community.
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