Hornady 45-230Gr Hp XTP


– Designed for hunting, self-defense, and law enforcement applications.
– XTP bullet adopted by competitive shooters for its accuracy.
– Popular choice among target shooters and hunters.
– Known for its reliable performance.
– Renowned for stopping power.
– Specifically engineered to expand reliably at various handgun velocities.

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The Hornady 45-230Gr HP XTP bullet exemplifies Hornady manufacturing’s commitment to precision and innovation in bullet design. Engineered for superior performance in self-defense and hunting applications, this bullet combines advanced features to deliver reliable results. Each 230-grain hollow point XTP bullet is crafted with meticulous attention to detail at Hornady’s manufacturing facilities. The bullet’s design incorporates precise serrations that divide the XTP into symmetrical sections. This feature is crucial for maximizing stopping power and terminal performance, providing shooters with confidence in critical situations.

The Hornady 45-230Gr HP XTP utilizes a gilding metal jacket that not only protects the bullet’s nose but also ensures proper functioning. This design characteristic is essential for reliable feeding in semi-automatic pistols, enhancing overall firearm reliability. Furthermore, the XTP bullet features a swaged core that ensures uniformity of core density, promoting balanced expansion. Hornady’s expertise in manufacturing precision bullets is evident in the consistent performance of the 45-230Gr HP XTP.

Moreover, the drawn gilding metal jacket of the Hornady 45-230Gr HP XTP contributes to its controlled expansion characteristics. Varying jacket thickness along the length of the bullet regulates expansion, offering distinct advantages over bullets with uniform jacket thickness, such as plated projectiles. This feature allows the XTP bullet to deliver reliable terminal ballistics, making it a preferred choice among shooters. Additionally, the inclusion of a cannelure on revolver bullets facilitates precise and consistent crimping.

In conclusion, the Hornady 45-230Gr HP XTP bullet stands as a testament to Hornady manufacturing’s dedication to innovation and quality. Whether used for personal defense, hunting, or competitive shooting, this bullet embodies Hornady’s commitment to producing ammunition that performs consistently and reliably. Shooters can trust in the XTP’s design and construction to deliver effective terminal ballistics and dependable performance in any scenario. Invest in Hornady’s expertise and elevate your shooting experience with the 45-230Gr HP XTP, knowing you have ammunition that meets the highest standards of precision and reliability.


– Controlled Expansion: Precise serrations divide the XTP into symmetrical sections, weakening the jacket for controlled expansion even at low velocities.
– No Exposed Lead: Gilding metal jacket protects the bullet’s nose, ensuring proper hollow cavity function upon impact and reliable feeding in semi-automatics.
– Swaged Core: Core density uniformity ensures balanced expansion and stability during flight.
– Drawn Gilding Metal Jacket: Varying jacket thickness along the XTP length controls expansion, offering advantages over uniform thickness in plated bullets.
– Cannelure: Facilitates accurate and consistent crimping on revolver bullets; applied before final forming to prevent bullet distortion.

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Founded in 1949, the Hornady company was built strong. The brand evolved from a small start-up in a former auto body shop in Grand Island. It has become the largest independently owned manufacturer of bullets, ammunition, and tools in the world. This impressive growth reflects the many successful strategies implemented throughout the company’s history and suggests a promising future. The Hornady Manufacturing Company is more than just its employees, equipment, and facilities. The family's active involvement in community affairs, their generous philanthropy, and their commitment to helping others is clear. A bullet defines the quality of it's cartridge, and Hornady bullets are unparalleled. They offer world record-setting accuracy, innovative designs, and consistent quality from batch to batch. This distinguishes them from the competition. Utilizing the highest quality raw materials, Hornady's manufacturing process and quality control procedures set the standard for consistency and efficiency in the industry. Hornady uses only top-tier propellants and selects the best powder for each specific load without loyalty to any single vendor. This ensures that performance is the sole factor in their selection process. Each propellant provides the highest accuracy and temperature stability, guaranteeing optimal performance whether you’re hunting in Alaska or Africa.