Hornady 458-300Gr Hp (50)


– Traditional line with exposed lead tips for controlled expansion and terminal performance.
– Secant ogive design for ballistic efficiency.
– InterLock design: Raised ring inside jacket locks core and jacket during expansion.
– Promotes retention of mass and energy for effective terminal ballistics.
– Ensures consistent, hard-hitting performance.
– Provides reliable penetration and expansion characteristics.

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The Hornady 458-300Gr HP bullets showcase Hornady manufacturing’s dedication to precision and innovation in ammunition design. Specifically engineered for heavy-caliber applications, these bullets are crafted with meticulous attention to detail at Hornady’s state-of-the-art facilities. Each 300-grain hollow point bullet features Hornady’s renowned InterLock design. This design ensures maximum retention of mass and energy upon impact, delivering reliable terminal ballistics necessary for hunting large game.

Transitioning to their features, the Hornady 458-300Gr HP bullets include exposed lead tips for controlled expansion and enhanced terminal performance. This design feature allows the bullets to deliver deep penetration and devastating wound channels, ensuring quick, clean kills. The bullets also utilize a secant ogive profile, known for its ballistic efficiency and ability to maintain accuracy. Hornady’s commitment to manufacturing excellence guarantees that each bullet meets stringent quality standards, providing shooters with confidence.

Moreover, the 458-300Gr HP bullets are ideal for hunters seeking reliable performance in heavy-caliber rifles. Whether used for hunting large African game or pursuing North American big game, these bullets excel in delivering consistent and hard-hitting terminal performance. The InterLock® design plays a crucial role in retaining bullet mass and energy, ensuring reliable penetration even through tough hide and bone. Hunters can trust in Hornady’s expertise and innovation, knowing that the 458-300Gr HP bullets are designed to perform flawlessly in challenging hunting conditions.

In conclusion, the Hornady 458-300Gr HP bullets represent a pinnacle of Hornady manufacturing’s commitment to excellence in heavy-caliber ammunition. With features like the InterLock® design and secant ogive profile, these bullets provide hunters with the tools they need for successful and ethical hunts. Invest in Hornady’s reputation for precision and reliability with the 458-300Gr HP bullets, and experience the confidence that comes with using ammunition crafted to exceed expectations in both performance and quality.


– Inner Grooves: Strategically weaken upper section of jacket for consistent, controlled expansion at long range.
– Tapered Jacket: Precisely controlled thickness promotes expansion at all velocities.
– One-Piece Core: Doesn’t separate like two-piece cores, retains mass and energy for deep penetration and consistent wound channels.
– Cannelure: Provides accurate, consistent crimping; works with InterLock ring to lock core and jacket during expansion.
– InterLock Ring: Embedded in bullet’s core to lock core and jacket as one during expansion, retaining mass and energy.

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Founded in 1949, the Hornady company was built strong. The brand evolved from a small start-up in a former auto body shop in Grand Island. It has become the largest independently owned manufacturer of bullets, ammunition, and tools in the world. This impressive growth reflects the many successful strategies implemented throughout the company’s history and suggests a promising future. The Hornady Manufacturing Company is more than just its employees, equipment, and facilities. The family's active involvement in community affairs, their generous philanthropy, and their commitment to helping others is clear. A bullet defines the quality of it's cartridge, and Hornady bullets are unparalleled. They offer world record-setting accuracy, innovative designs, and consistent quality from batch to batch. This distinguishes them from the competition. Utilizing the highest quality raw materials, Hornady's manufacturing process and quality control procedures set the standard for consistency and efficiency in the industry. Hornady uses only top-tier propellants and selects the best powder for each specific load without loyalty to any single vendor. This ensures that performance is the sole factor in their selection process. Each propellant provides the highest accuracy and temperature stability, guaranteeing optimal performance whether you’re hunting in Alaska or Africa.