Zartek ZA-723 Two-Way Radio


– Clear, powerful sound quality
– Portable, space-saving design
– Long-term protection and reliability
– Convenient charging and syncing
– Clear communication and audio playback
– Ideal for home, office, or on-the-go

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The Zartek ZA-723 two-way radio stands out as a robust communication solution renowned for its reliability and versatility. Zartek, a leader in radio communication technology, has crafted the ZA-723 to meet the demands of various industries, including security, construction, and outdoor recreation. These radios are designed with durability in mind, ensuring they can withstand harsh environments and rugged conditions. Whether used in urban settings or remote locations, the Zartek ZA-723 excels in delivering clear and consistent communication.

One of the standout features of the Zartek two-way radio is its ergonomic design, which enhances usability and comfort during extended use. The device fits comfortably in hand, with intuitive controls that facilitate easy operation. This user-friendly design is complemented by its lightweight yet durable construction, making it an ideal companion for professionals. In addition to its ergonomic benefits, the Zartek ZA-723 prioritizes performance with advanced features such as noise-cancelling technology. This ensures uninterrupted communication, even in noisy environments or prolonged operations. The device’s noise-cancelling technology effectively filters out background noise, enhancing clarity during transmissions. Moreover, its long-lasting battery life allows for extended use without the need for frequent recharging, which is essential for continuous communication.

Zartek radios like the ZA-723 are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enhances communication clarity and range. The device utilizes robust signal transmission capabilities, allowing users to maintain clear, uninterrupted communication over extended distances. This reliability is crucial for teams coordinating large-scale operations or individuals needing dependable communication in remote areas. Moreover, the Zartek ZA-723 supports multiple channels and privacy codes, offering flexibility and security in communication protocols. This capability allows users to customize communication settings to suit specific operational needs. Additionally, the inclusion of privacy codes ensures secure and interference-free communication, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access. This flexibility in channel selection and privacy settings enhances the adaptability of the Zartek ZA-723 for diverse environments and applications. Whether used in crowded urban settings or expansive outdoor areas, these features ensure reliable and confidential communication, reinforcing its utility across various sectors.

In terms of versatility, the Zartek ZA-723 excels as a multifunctional tool suitable for diverse applications. It serves equally well in professional settings requiring coordinated teamwork and in recreational activities where reliable communication enhances safety and coordination. For example, security personnel rely on Zartek radios to coordinate patrols effectively, while outdoor enthusiasts benefit from their robust build and long-range capabilities during camping or hiking expeditions. Moreover, the versatility of Zartek radios ensures seamless integration into different environments, enhancing their utility across various sectors. This capability further solidifies Zartek’s reputation as a provider of reliable communication solutions that meet the diverse demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Furthermore, Zartek’s reputation for innovation and quality is reflected in the ongoing development of their two-way radio technology. This dedication ensures that Zartek remains at the forefront of advancements in radio communication, continually improving functionality and performance. The company invests in research and development to continually improve their products, ensuring they incorporate the latest advancements in communication technology. This commitment to innovation positions Zartek radios as industry leaders, trusted by professionals who prioritize performance and reliability in their communication devices.

Additionally, their commitment to research and development allows them to integrate cutting-edge features that meet the evolving needs of users across diverse industries.

Overall, the Zartek ZA-723 two-way radio exemplifies excellence in design, performance, and reliability. With its ergonomic build, advanced features, and versatility, it meets the diverse communication needs of various sectors effectively. Whether deployed in demanding professional environments or used for recreational purposes, these radios like the ZA-723 are a testament to Zartek’s dedication to quality and innovation in radio communication technology. This commitment underscores Zartek’s leadership in the industry, as evidenced by their continuous advancements and user-focused design philosophy. Additionally, the versatility of Zartek radios allows them to seamlessly integrate into various operational settings, from security operations to outdoor adventures. This adaptability highlights the reliability and performance that professionals and enthusiasts alike can expect from Zartek products.

As a result, Zartek maintains a competitive edge in the market, offering reliable and innovative solutions that enhance communication efficiency and reliability.



  • Pre-programmed 16 Channels
  • Power Output 500mW License Free
  • Long Range Communications, Indoors & Outdoors
  • Tones 50 CTCSS / 208 DCS
  • Clear Loud Audio
  • Compact & Durable Casing
  • USB Desktop Cradle Charger
  • Long Battery Life & Low Battery Alert
  • Channel Announce
  • External Microphone / Speaker Jack
  • Approved by ICASA
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • IDEAL for General use, Warehouses, Outdoors, Hotels, Events & Heavy Duty use


Frequency Range 446MHz & 464MHz
Channel Capacity 16
Frequency Spacing 12.5kHz
Working Voltage 3.7V
Frequency Stability +/- 5ppm
Operating Temperature Range -10 degree Celsius – +50 degree Celsius
Dimension incl Antenna 165mm x 55mm x 32mm
Weight (incl Antenna and Battery) 160g
Battery Capacity 1200mAh
Battery Operating Time Average 19 hours on 5:5:90 duty cycle, battery save, med vol
Output Power 500mW
Modulation Type FM
Maximum Frequency Deviation <+/- 5kHz
Modulation Distortion <5%
Spurious Radiation <7.5uW
Modulation Noise <-40dB
Current Max <1200mA
Audio Response (300 – 3000hz) +65 – -14dB
Adjacent Channel Power >65dB
Receiving Sensitivity <0.2uV
Selectivity >65dB
Intermediation >55dB
Occupied Bandwidth <16kHz
Current Max
Audio Output Power >500mW
Modulation Distortioin <10%
Audio Response +7 – -12.5dB
Indoors 600m – 1.2km
Outdoors 2-6km
Elevated line of sight 10 – 30km

Manufacturer’s Website

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Zartek is a leading manufacturer known for its innovative range of communication solutions, particularly in the realm of two-way radios. These radios are crafted with a focus on quality and functionality, making them ideal for various professional and recreational applications.

One of the standout features of Zartek radios is their durability and rugged design, built to withstand challenging environments and outdoor conditions. This reliability ensures seamless communication even in remote or harsh terrains.

This capability is crucial for teams operating in large areas or individuals exploring remote locations where reliable communication is essential.

They feature intuitive controls and interfaces that ensure ease of operation. This user-friendly approach enhances productivity and minimizes training requirements.

Zartek continues to innovate in the field of communication technology, constantly improving and expanding their product offerings to meet evolving customer needs. Whether for commercial applications, recreational use, or emergency preparedness, these radios remain at the forefront of reliable communication solutions.

In conclusion, these radios represent a pinnacle of reliability, functionality, and innovation in the realm of two-way communication. With their robust features, durable design, and user-friendly interfaces, Zartek continues to set the standard for quality in the industry.